Jamaica Wedding Photography

January 1, 2016
destination weddings in the caribbean

Jamaica Wedding Photography and Destination Weddings

Let me start by expressing how grateful I am that you have made it to my page and since you are here I suppose you are seeking a fine arts or wedding photographer; if such is the case, you’ve come to the right place. Jamaica is a beautiful place for destination weddings and this wonderfully located island country offers some amazing backdrops for the perfect wedding shots; combine that with the right photographer and you are bound to have extraordinary images. Now let’s be frank, I may not be your ideal photographer (and that’s ok) as my style may not appeal to you, but I am sure (if not) you will be able to find someone that suits your needs from the awesome pool of talents here in Jamaica. Before you delve into my work, here’s a little info about my shooting style and process.

I consider myself a fine arts photographer who shoots weddings, this is because I focus more on the story than just capturing random or sporadic frames. Each moment of a wedding day represents the culmination of everything happening in that single instance, my job is to cease those moments indefinitely in the most artistic way possible. I started out as a fine arts photographer before I discovered wedding photography, so my mind is always operating along the narrative of extrapolating the best emotional resonance I can from each scene or click. Yes, it is your wedding day and mine too because your wedding is personal to me.  You’d have endowed me with the task of preserving moments of possibly the most important day of your life, such a task I do not take lightly. Oh, did I mention I’m a fun guy? Yes! I sing for my clients and crack corny jokes and trust me they never work, lol! I guess that’s actually what makes them work, the fact that they don’t.

Ok let’s get back on track. Amidst the tropical climate and the scenic beauty of this beautiful country, Jamaica hits the right chord when it comes to photography, especially for your big day! So for all of those who are planning a destination wedding in Jamaica and wish to make the most out of the photographs, here are a few tips and suggestions that might help:

• Get the beach in!

One of the most effective tips that anyone will ever give you when it comes to your Jamaican destination wedding is to include the beach in some of your wedding shots. The true Jamaican texture and feel can only be captured if the magical blue ocean can be included in the shots. If you are not getting married on the beach itself, then make sure you take time to head to one. You can either do this in broad daylight or even when the sun sets.

• Head to Dunn’s River falls!

If you truly want to capture Jamaica in your wedding pictures, then you must check out Dunn’s River fall a little before your wedding and see if you like it as a possible background for wedding photography. If yes, then this could be a wonderful location for photography as it takes you away from the crowds and makes for a romantic getaway as well!

• Appleton Estate Rum

This rum estate is a perfect place to add culture to your Jamaica wedding photographs. This estate organized tours for visitors but you can acquire permission for photography beforehand and get a few shots clicked here in its very raw environment. Ask your photographer to check out the place in advance and figure out a few good frames.

• Off The Beaten Path

It is often said that the best secrets are well kept, at least I think that’s how it goes. Feel free to ask me about locations that may not be directly available in the public records. Jamaica has a lot to offer, not just the well known attractions but beautiful locations tucked away in its pristine environment. It is important that you discuss such ideas with your photographer because when its all over the only thing you will have to relive your experience and wedding in Jamaica will be your photographs, so how about preserving with uncommon style in diverse locations?

• Get candid!

The whole idea behind destination specific weddings in Jamaica is to take in as much rhythm of the place as possible during the wedding ceremony and also during the photography sessions. But posing formally even at beaches won’t help. Hence when you are outdoors, try to get only candid shots clicked. Posing in front of a waterfall sounds unnatural, doesn’t it? So let go and forget that a camera is pointed at you.

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