Fine Arts Photography

May 31, 2016
Jamacan Photographer


Fine Arts Photography

Fine Arts photography is a genre of photography which truly sums up the idea of creating art photographically.  Fine arts photography is about capturing the vision that’s in the mind of the photographer.  A fine arts photographer doesn’t necessarily capture to please others, but rather, creates to express self.

Commercial photography and fine arts photography are marketed in different ways and thus a fine arts photographer may or may not always possess the kind of marketing abilities a commercial photographer does. To really enter into the mind of a fine arts photographer, one has to swim deep into the depths of the shots captured/created by them. Someone with an artistic eye may be able to judge the idea behind an art piece or the mind process that the photographer must have gone through while framing the shot.

Most of the top photographers in the world work to express their thoughts and earn a fortune through their eye for a good subject.  The most well paid or well-known photographers in the world are fine art photographers who earned using both their skill and their creativity. Creativity to see emotions where there seems to be none or the ability to catch a perfect shot from the most unusual of locations is what a fine arts photographer is capable of doing and applauded for.

A fine arts photographer doesn’t step out in broad sunlight everyday with a pre-decided frame in mind but finds frames from within the crowd. Of course, this requires spontaneity, philosophical thinking and talent to spot a worthy frame. Each fine arts photographer may think differently and produce a whole series of themed photographs.  A photographer who truly brings his/her personality and thinking into his pictures is a real fine arts photographer.

A fine arts photographer is an artist. The way an artist transfers his vision to a canvas, a fine arts photographer transfers his vision to his photographic creations.

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