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May 17, 2014
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Tips to help you plan that perfect wedding!
For almost every person in the world, especially for females, the day of their wedding is the most special day in the lifetime and is one day which they wish goes perfectly. But behind a fairytale wedding goes on a lot of planning, detailing, months of hard-work and proper management. For some, planning of the wedding is more adventurous than the wedding itself! Amidst the chaos, the confusion and the zest to have a perfect wedding day, there are some tips which can come to your rescue.

Well, take a look:
• Plan out a budget
The first and the most important step that must be taken before actually starting all the planning, the bookings and the hiring is to decide on a budget. It is very important to figure out a decent and practical budget for the wedding and then go on to the bookings only with a budget in mind. Without a definite restriction on the expenditure, you will most likely overspend and then regret later. Thus it is better to be smart about it!
• Allocate duties
Doing all the planning from the cake, to the decoration, to the music and to the photography is not a one person job. Avoid taking all that stress on your shoulders and allocate and distribute duties among a close group of people. If you have chosen a bridesmaid then try taking her help or engage a few family members or friends to help you out. This is a more organized way to planning a wedding
• Decide on a venue
One of the most important things associated with wedding planning is the venue. You would want your wedding to be set in a fairytale land but it is better to be practical about it. Choose a location which matches your expectations but also fits the budget. If you are planning on a destination wedding, then research your options well and if possible, try visiting the destination before booking it.
• Hire the caterer, the decorator and the music band
The next step is to do all the hiring and booking work. You will need a caterer for the food, a decorator for the venue decoration, a music band for the party and also even an event planner to decide on the sequence of events. Make sure you make these bookings only after comparing a few options and their prices. It is a lot better if the services of your hired service providers have been tried and tested before by someone you know.
• Hire a photographer
Any wedding is incomplete without the memories of it captured away through photographs. Your photographer must not only be experienced and technically equipped but also creative and imaginative. Make sure you take a look at the photographer’s previous work before hiring him for the shoot. Focus on one which believes in candid photography.
• Have a backup plan
For everything that you plan, make sure you have a backup plan in store. You must be prepared for any circumstance or situation. Order a little more food than required, have a backup musician on your list and make proper weather proof arrangements for the dinner!

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