Fine Arts – Poetry Through Photography

November 20, 2014
Destination Wedding Photographer

Photography is just not about the shutter, aperture or exposure, those are all just peripherals; it is about the moment, or better yet moments which can transcend time. About 3 years ago my style became completely revolutionized. It was the first time an image made my Vogue Italia portfolio. The editor in her words stated, “A good photograph needs to have a soul, be open, not provide answers but rather trigger questions, it needs to intrigue, have several layers of meaning and not be dull, flat, banal or one-dimensional.”  That statement completely shattered my prior one dimensional view of photography for both fine arts and weddings. My emphasis was always based on the objective perception, that is for many persons to acquire the same meaning, but that is so limited in many ways more than one. jamaican fine arts photographer

portrait photographerfine arts photographerThe problem with objectivity ( even though it’s useful in some realms of art) is that the artist tells the story, but with subjectivity the viewer creates their own. I then employed the perspective of subjectivity and with such I brought soul to my work. This soul became much more than just the resonance of emotions, it was the culmination of telling stories whilst preserving the authenticity of each moment. I transferred this art of telling stories from my fine arts background to my weddings and the results became like poetry, sweet to the tongue, warm to the heart and soothing to the mind.

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