The Chemistry

October 1, 2014
Jamaican photographer

Christopher and Dasha’s wedding was nothing short of phenomenal. From the moment we met it had dawned on me that these two shared a rare kind of love, the kind that consumes you just to be in their presence, it was genuine, natural and effortless. They complemented each other as the clouds to the sky on a beautiful summer’s evening; they were ready to officially culminate their love for each other and mine was the task to preserve this blessed opportunity.

They had reserved one of the most beautiful locations to get married at the Grand Palladium hotel. They choose the gazebo that stood at the edge of a cliff back-dropped by the beautiful Caribbean sea, it was truly breath taking sight. The grooms men were swagged in vintage style suits will the bridesmaids wore turquoise dresses which complemented the decorations of the site and at large the very aesthetics of the environment, the coordination and details were executed mercilessly.


The wedding procession proceeded as one would have expected, it was filled with laughter and expressions of love which resonated throughout the atmosphere, it was joyous occasion and even such a word as ‘joyous’ seems to be an understatement. “You may kiss the bride,” the pastors words reverberated throughout the air and with a sudden gesture Christopher swayed Dasha over towards the isle and serenaded her lips with his ‘click click’ and it was over. I felt I had captured one of the most elusive first kiss photographs of my career, it was a product of my shooting position and their spontaneous nature, it was chemistry; this was a culmination of great things to come.


NB: Christopher & Dasha’s Wedding took place in Jamaica at The Grand Palladium hotel in Lucea, Hanover. To see more of their photographs please visit our Photo Gallery Page

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