Jamaica Wedding Photography

January 1, 2016
destination weddings in the caribbean

Jamaica Wedding Photography and Destination Weddings

Let me start by expressing how grateful I am that you have made it to my page and since you are here I suppose you are seeking a fine arts or wedding photographer; if such is the case, you’ve come to the right place. Jamaica is a beautiful place for destination weddings and this wonderfully located island country offers some amazing backdrops for the perfect wedding shots; combine that with the right photographer and you are bound to have extraordinary images. Now let’s be frank, I may not be your ideal photographer (and that’s ok) as my style may not appeal to you, but I am sure (if not) you will be able to find someone that suits your needs from the awesome pool of talents here in Jamaica. Before you delve into my work, here’s a little info about my shooting style and process.

I consider myself a fine arts photographer who shoots weddings, this is because I focus more on the story than just capturing random or sporadic frames. Each moment of a wedding day represents the culmination of everything happening in that single instance, my job is to cease those moments indefinitely in the most artistic way possible. I started out as a fine arts photographer before I discovered wedding photography, so my mind is always operating along the narrative of extrapolating the best emotional resonance I can from each scene or click. Yes, it is your wedding day and mine too because your wedding is personal to me.  You’d have endowed me with the task of preserving moments of possibly the most important day of your life, such a task I do not take lightly. Oh, did I mention I’m a fun guy? Yes! I sing for my clients and crack corny jokes and trust me they never work, lol! I guess that’s actually what makes them work, the fact that they don’t.

Ok let’s get back on track. Amidst the tropical climate and the scenic beauty of this beautiful country, Jamaica hits the right chord when it comes to photography, especially for your big day! So for all of those who are planning a destination wedding in Jamaica and wish to make the most out of the photographs, here are a few tips and suggestions that might help:

• Get the beach in!

One of the most effective tips that anyone will ever give you when it comes to your Jamaican destination wedding is to include the beach in some of your wedding shots. The true Jamaican texture and feel can only be captured if the magical blue ocean can be included in the shots. If you are not getting married on the beach itself, then make sure you take time to head to one. You can either do this in broad daylight or even when the sun sets.

• Head to Dunn’s River falls!

If you truly want to capture Jamaica in your wedding pictures, then you must check out Dunn’s River fall a little before your wedding and see if you like it as a possible background for wedding photography. If yes, then this could be a wonderful location for photography as it takes you away from the crowds and makes for a romantic getaway as well!

• Appleton Estate Rum

This rum estate is a perfect place to add culture to your Jamaica wedding photographs. This estate organized tours for visitors but you can acquire permission for photography beforehand and get a few shots clicked here in its very raw environment. Ask your photographer to check out the place in advance and figure out a few good frames.

• Off The Beaten Path

It is often said that the best secrets are well kept, at least I think that’s how it goes. Feel free to ask me about locations that may not be directly available in the public records. Jamaica has a lot to offer, not just the well known attractions but beautiful locations tucked away in its pristine environment. It is important that you discuss such ideas with your photographer because when its all over the only thing you will have to relive your experience and wedding in Jamaica will be your photographs, so how about preserving with uncommon style in diverse locations?

• Get candid!

The whole idea behind destination specific weddings in Jamaica is to take in as much rhythm of the place as possible during the wedding ceremony and also during the photography sessions. But posing formally even at beaches won’t help. Hence when you are outdoors, try to get only candid shots clicked. Posing in front of a waterfall sounds unnatural, doesn’t it? So let go and forget that a camera is pointed at you.

Fine Arts – Poetry Through Photography

November 20, 2014
Destination Wedding Photographer

Photography is just not about the shutter, aperture or exposure, those are all just peripherals; it is about the moment, or better yet moments which can transcend time. About 3 years ago my style became completely revolutionized. It was the first time an image made my Vogue Italia portfolio. The editor in her words stated, “A good photograph needs to have a soul, be open, not provide answers but rather trigger questions, it needs to intrigue, have several layers of meaning and not be dull, flat, banal or one-dimensional.”  That statement completely shattered my prior one dimensional view of photography for both fine arts and weddings. My emphasis was always based on the objective perception, that is for many persons to acquire the same meaning, but that is so limited in many ways more than one. jamaican fine arts photographer

portrait photographerfine arts photographerThe problem with objectivity ( even though it’s useful in some realms of art) is that the artist tells the story, but with subjectivity the viewer creates their own. I then employed the perspective of subjectivity and with such I brought soul to my work. This soul became much more than just the resonance of emotions, it was the culmination of telling stories whilst preserving the authenticity of each moment. I transferred this art of telling stories from my fine arts background to my weddings and the results became like poetry, sweet to the tongue, warm to the heart and soothing to the mind.

Destination Weddings

November 10, 2014
Destination Weddings in Jamaica

Wedding Photography & Destination Weddings.

Every year millions of tourist flock to the Caribbean in search of the perfect location to seal deal. Are you someone who is still wondering whether destination wedding is a good idea for you or not? While for some, a destination wedding in the Caribbean may seem like a sure shot decision, others may still be a little confused. No matter what your choice is, a destination wedding is a beautiful concept. Whether it is the blue ocean in the background of a beach wedding or the setting sun on the mountain top, destination weddings are in vogue and for a worthy enough reason.


A wedding on an overseas or out of town land is a unique and unforgettable experience. You can make each of the ceremonies completely your own and add a twist to it to reflect the feel of the destination. A destination wedding is truly unlike any other wedding. Moreover, the kind of gathering opportunity a destination wedding offers is impossible to obtain at any other wedding ceremony.

Destination weddings last not just for the day of the wedding but go on for a string of days together which gives a family an opportunity to spend a decent period of time with one another. Also, the couple who is getting married gets enough time to have a one-on-one with each of the guest, which is not possible during regular weddings.
Destination weddings are not just limited to the wedding functions, song and dance and ceremonies but can also be extended to a family vacation or holiday at your favorite destination. The entire family and extended guests get to visit and enjoy a destination together and spend those couple of days happily together. Whereas the same is not possible during regular weddings where guests enjoy for as long as they are at the ceremony, which is usually not more than a few hours a day.

The kind of options you get for decoration, cuisine and theme are definitely more when it comes to destination weddings. And not to forget, destination weddings have many more ideas for wedding photography. Imagine getting photos clicked in front of Eiffel tower during a destination wedding in Paris and that too with the person you love the most. No more using Photoshop to include monuments and natural sights into your photo album as a destination wedding offers wonders of its own. Doesn’t that sound truly amazing? Well yes, that’s the beauty of destination weddings.
So if you are convinced even a little bit, go on and book that destination wedding of your dreams. You will be surprised with how happy it can make you and your guests. Remember to book in advance to avoid making it a hefty affair!

Déjà Vu

October 1, 2014
wedding photographer in jamaica

Moments after the wedding of Kate and Anthony, we scuttled around the hotel property of Couples Negril taking advantage of each of its beautiful location. The radiance and utter chemistry between both Kate and Anthony permeated the air like the scent of daisies on a windy spring afternoon. I could tell they were both comfortable in front of the camera, not because of how natural they assimilated each position but because of how they seemed to inadvertently forget I was even there, all I had to do was provide slight indications of that which was needed to attain suitable frames; this made my work even easier.

Jamaica Wedding PhotographyWedding DayWedding Photos

We traveled the entire extent of the hotel property whilst I documented their journey accordingly. It seemed even mother nature was in agreement with their love as the various settings they were in complemented them without hesitation- they gave life to their environment. After about 20 minutes of photographing we came to an isolated room area where there was a porch facing the ocean. At this point she was engaged in a mild conversation with her husband, I gently motioned and Anthony took notice, “Oh you’re ready?” he asked, I responded accordingly, ” yes, I’m just going to capture a few portraits with you both on the patio sofa.” I went over in a haste to sit before the sofa and beckoned to my lighting assistant (Jason Barnett) to be ready as I wanted to capture a few candids of their journey to the sofa…Then it hit me; I saw an image of her sitting in the sofa just exuding an expression of self, there was nothing complicated about it, it was like poetry, at least to me. I quickly signaled to them both and ask if I could have a portrait shot with just Kate before we proceed, Anthony smiled in acknowledgement. She went over and sat on the sofa and I said to her, “I want to capture the essence of who you are, an image that represents and culminates this day for you.” That was it, that was all that needed to be said; I mildly directed her and without a moments hesitation she lowered her head, cast her eyes downward, exhaled a familiar sigh of joy which seemed to had release the idea that had impressed itself upon me earlier, it was deja vu; I smiled internally and with my supposedly 12,000th click I captured her soul’s expression.

Kate’s Photograph above became one of my most critically acclaimed photographs, it was even ranked number one on the photography hallmark website 500px for almost two consecutive days.

The Chemistry

October 1, 2014
Jamaican photographer

Christopher and Dasha’s wedding was nothing short of phenomenal. From the moment we met it had dawned on me that these two shared a rare kind of love, the kind that consumes you just to be in their presence, it was genuine, natural and effortless. They complemented each other as the clouds to the sky on a beautiful summer’s evening; they were ready to officially culminate their love for each other and mine was the task to preserve this blessed opportunity.

They had reserved one of the most beautiful locations to get married at the Grand Palladium hotel. They choose the gazebo that stood at the edge of a cliff back-dropped by the beautiful Caribbean sea, it was truly breath taking sight. The grooms men were swagged in vintage style suits will the bridesmaids wore turquoise dresses which complemented the decorations of the site and at large the very aesthetics of the environment, the coordination and details were executed mercilessly.


The wedding procession proceeded as one would have expected, it was filled with laughter and expressions of love which resonated throughout the atmosphere, it was joyous occasion and even such a word as ‘joyous’ seems to be an understatement. “You may kiss the bride,” the pastors words reverberated throughout the air and with a sudden gesture Christopher swayed Dasha over towards the isle and serenaded her lips with his ‘click click’ and it was over. I felt I had captured one of the most elusive first kiss photographs of my career, it was a product of my shooting position and their spontaneous nature, it was chemistry; this was a culmination of great things to come.


NB: Christopher & Dasha’s Wedding took place in Jamaica at The Grand Palladium hotel in Lucea, Hanover. To see more of their photographs please visit our Photo Gallery Page